Teh Tarik-ing with Zlwin Chew, Mentalist *GASPS*

by Agents & Kopi Kakis

Yo yo yo peeps! Yesterday our agents uncovered further intelligence on the Great Magician’s Apprentice Search, and to get more details, our agents orchestrated a kidnapping. (just kidding 😉 or did we?)

Our target?

Zlwin Chew, Malaysia’s leading Mind Magician and one of the judges for the Great Magician’s Apprentice Search!

We lured the hansem Zlwin to KOPI TALK and cerita-ed with him for some tips for the aspiring magicians, especially those who are keen to participate in the search!

What sort of attitude a person should have if he/she aspires to become a professional Magician?

Humbleness. A lot of magicians walk around with their heads so big thinking that they are more special than everyone else just because they can “fool” people with magic. A real magician doesn’t fool their audience; a real magician turns a trick into magic, something that is entertaining and beautiful. To be a professional, you need to respect the art of magic and be humble at all times. Knowing magic doesn’t make you any more special than the people around you.

What is your advice to those who are just starting to learn magic?

Know that magic is an ART. It is NOT a tool for you to use to trick people and make yourself feel smart. If you don’t respect the Art of Magic, you won’t go far. Keep practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing. Yes, and keep practicing… =)

What are some of the basic requirements to put up an entertaining and beautiful magic performance?

There are four main points I believe are really important:

  • Be real. Be yourself and don’t act.
  • Practice to the point that you can even close your eyes and still perform it well.
  • Respect your audience. Your job is NOT to fool them but to ENTERTAIN them. Respect the time they are giving you to watch you perform.
  • Believe in yourself. If you are uncertain about whether you can perform well, high chances are the audience can see that you are nervous and not ready.


Could you please give some performance tips to those who are keen to join the Great Magician’s Apprentice Search?

Do what you do best and have fun while at it. =)

What are the qualities you will be looking for in the participants when you judge in this contest?

You’ve got to be raw and original. You’ve got to respect the art of magic. Magic is 10% tricks, 40% presentation, 50% YOU.

*CLAP CLAP CLAP~~~* Terima kasih banyak banyak Zlwin~~~

If you would like to know more about Zlwin and find out what inspired him to embark on this enchanting profession, watch our interrogation…erm interview with him here.

Thank you Zlwin for your time, hope you have enjoyed cerita-ing with us and everyone else in KOPI TALK! Can’t wait to see you perform next!!!! Thank you once again to RAM Entertainment and Anglia Shandy for bringing us such a magical opportunity.

To participate in The Great Magician’s Apprentice Search, click here.

Already!!! Now we are going on our mid week break!! Take care of yourself and each other until the next KOPI TALK hour!!!